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Steve Khoshnood for Georgia Real Estate
Steve Khoshnood for Georgia Real Estate
Steve Khoshnood for Georgia Real Estate

About Steve

Realtor, Atlanta Communities Real Estate Brokerage

Steve Khoshnood was born in Iran in 1979 when the Iran-Iraq war began. He remembers as
a young child a day when he was playing with friends and a siren went off warning them of a
bomb being launched– a daily occurrence, typically at night. Steve raced to the basement of
the apartment building. When the bombing ended, he escaped through a tunnel and found
there was nothing left when he came out, meaning he would have died if he had remained
above ground.
Through the Iranian government, his dad got a visa to work in Italy where they moved in
1984. His work visa became a resident visa and although Iran wanted him to come back,
authorities looked the other way as long as they did not cause trouble. The family applied for
immigration papers and were approved to become Canadian residents in 1989. Finally getting
green cards in 1993, they realized their ultimate goal of getting better opportunities in the U.S.
Steve’s dad, Hooshang, got a job with Siemens in Alpharetta and the family has remained in the
area since then. Steve lives in Atlanta and is engaged to an American woman. He speaks five
languages and his multi-cultural background uniquely guides his business acumen in Atlanta’s
international environment.
Steve’s specific interest in real estate evolved from his culture as well. In Iran, the
acquisition of land and real estate is a measure of wealth and status. Unlike in the U.S., the
country’s property laws favor the government more than persons. For example, when a person
dies, their property ownership reverts to the government. Survivors receive a small
compensation for it only if the deceased had a will. Otherwise, they are given nothing. The
average Iranian cannot afford to buy anything and must rent small apartments. Steve was
influenced by those restrictions and kept his eye on real estate while working away as an
accountant for 10 years. He understands and enjoys helping clients, particularly first-time
home owners, to “acquire that piece of land” and to hold it until they decide to sell it.
Steve can be reached through his web site, stevek1realty.com. His email is
stevek1realty@gmail.com and his cell number is 678-469- 6291. Real estate is booming! Steve
knows how to get you what you want.

Steve Khoshnood, realtor, atlanta real estate.
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